Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Now In Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arizona, Illinois, Delaware, Florida, Wash. DC

The CDC now reports confirmed cases of the swine flu in Minnesota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Delaware, Florida and the District of Columbia. This is in addition to previously reported cases in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, California. In total, the swine flu has now been confirmed in 19 states with 141 confirmed cases. The CDC also provided today interim guidance on school closings. The federal government has also released antiviral medicines from its strategic national stockpile to all 50 states to treat patients with swine flu. Also, a plane heading to Washington, DC from Germany was diverted to Boston when a patient became ill with what might be the swine flu. Internationally, China has reported its first case of the swine flu. Confirmed cases continue to rise around the world, particularly in Canada and in Europe where people have travelled to Mexico. Debate continues about whether the border should be closed or travel restrictions imposed for people traveling between the U.S. and Mexico. After it was announced that two students at George Washington University in the District of Columbia have come down with the swine flu, nearby Georgetown University announced that it has established a special dorm where students with the swine flu who are not so ill as to require hospitalization can be taken.