Monday, August 10, 2009

The Front Page of the Washington Post Had A Story Today About the Return of the Swine Flu This Fall

According to the Washington Post dated August 10, there were 19,273 reported cases of the swine flu for the period April 24 thru June 3, then an additional 70,648 reported cases from the period from June 4 to July 3, and then an additional 72,459 reported cases from the period from July 4 to August 4. This demonstrates that despite the fact that the swine flu seems to have retreated from the public's consciousness, actually the number of swine flu cases has steadily increased each month. Countries with the largest number of deaths are the United States, Canada, Mexico and Britain in the Northern Hemisphere. As the swine flu has now spread to the Southern Hemisphere, a large number of deaths from the swine flu have also been reported in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Australia. According to the Washington Post, a new round of the swine flu "could hit the Northern Hemisphere within weeks and lead to major disruptions in schools, workplaces and hospitals, according to U.S. and International health officials. 'The virus is still around and ready to explode,' said William Schaffner, an influenza expert at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 'We're potentially looking at a very big mess.' "